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Key Benefits of Rural Protect*:
  • Farm partnerships and sole traders can buy the same level of protection as directors of limited companies – this includes Personal Liability, Company Liability plus an option to add Employment Practices Liability
  • Investigation & defence costs are covered, plus awards
  • Supported by leading law firm and offering litigation and commercial legal advice protected by “legal privilege”
  • Any professional fees incurred in defending an allegation are covered e.g. forensic accountants, mechanics
  • Access to PR expertise and costs in the event of an incident
  • Any One Claim Limit of Indemnity
  • Support with Rent Arbitration and Single Farm Payment appeals
*A policy summary highlighting the significant benefits and limitations in cover will be issued with every quotation.

With every decision potentially opening you up to expensive claims and legal costs, you need cover that helps protect your business and your personal assets. Rising regulation and an increasingly litigious society mean businesses and their directors and owners could be facing an ever-growing rate of claims. With associated legal costs, even winning a legal case can be an expensive process.

Rural Protect can support and offer you protection against costs arising from:

* Regulators

* Investigations

* Prosecutions

* Litigation



Why choose Rural Protect?

Rural Protect is a bespoke policy that not only provides tailor-made protection for the rural business itself, but crucially, offers personal liability cover to farm managers, directors and owners for any decisions they make in relation to running the business. Also, for the first time, partnerships and sole traders can also enjoy the same level of protection as directors of limited companies.

Unlike many management liability and legal expenses policies in the market, Rural Protect also provides cover for Fee for Intervention; the cost charged by the HSE when dealing with possible breaches in Health and Safety Law. Because such action could range from a brief inspection to lengthy proceedings with caution interviews, having this cover in place can make all the difference.

To request a quotation, or to understand how this cover could help to protect you and your business, please contact us on: 0333 2026504.